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Welcome to Disney

By Crabfest, 12/26/17, 10:30PM EST


Welcome to Disney!

Players should arrive at the complex between 1 and 1:30, pass distribution will begin at 1:30.  Please arrive early so that you are able to park.

Player and staff passes will be distributed outside of the secondary entrance as detailed in the earlier email.

Coach O’Connor and Coach Kaplanges will remain outside the gate until 2:15. Players arriving after this time will need to call Coach O’Connor to make arrangements for pick up.

Coaches, once you receive your pass please proceed to the table inside the gate and see Coach DiPinio. You will need to pick up a package of gear for players who were unable to attend uniform pick up.  Some players will have just jerseys, others will have bags of gear that you need to distribute.  Each bag is labeled with the players last name. 

Any player who is missing gear will receive it from their coach at practice on Wednesday.  


We'd like to thank all the parents who have volunteered to assist during the tournament.  Directions for each role are detailed here:

Photographer - should log onto the SportsEngine site and upload to the photo folder located on your team site. You should not need any additional login, but please let us know if you have any questions.

GameChanger - Follow the team on GameChanger and then send an email to Coach O'Connor at  Please include your GameChanger email so that he may make you an admin.  In your email please include the team you are working with.

Facebook Live - Begin your stream when you would like to show the event ie- the opening ceremonies, games, award ceremonies, or practices. Please make sure you share it with the CrabFest (@crabfestgame) page so other families may see.

Once you have received your player pass, please report to the field for practice.  Practice field locations and coaches are listed below:

9u Coach Morris Field 12
10u Coach Rey Field 12
11u Coach Taylor Field 12
12u al Coach Stowers Field 13
12u nl Coach Haggerty Field 13
13u Coach O,Connor Field 5
14u Coach DiPino Field 5
16u al Coach Kaplanges Field 4
16u nl Coach Gast Field 4
18u Coach Kaplanges Field 4

Practice schedule will be as follows

Field 12
2:00 -2:25 team stretch and play catch
2:25 -2:55 9 infield 10 outfield/cage 11 pitcher mound
2:55- 3:25 9 outfield/cage 10 pitcher mound 11 infield
3:25- 3:55 9 pitcher mound 10 infield 11 outfield/cage

Field 13
2:00 -2:25 team stretch and play catch
2:25 -2:55 12 nl infield 12 al outfield
2:55- 3:25 12 nl pitching / cage 12 al infield
3:25- 3:55 12 nl outfield 12 al pitching / cage

Field 5
2:00 -2:25 team stretch and play catch
2:25 -2:55 14 infield 13 outfield hitting
2:55- 3:25 14 pitching 13 infield
3:25- 3:55 14 outfield hitting 13 pitching

Field 4
2:00 -2:25 team stretch and play catch
2:25 -2:55 16 al infield 16 nl outfield hitting 18 mound
2:55- 3:25 16 al outfield 16 nl mound hitting 18 infield
3:25- 3:55 16 al mound 16 nl infield 18 outfield hitting

Teams will meet at the stadium at 5 pm for the contests. Coaches will be assigned to the locations below during the contests:

Golden Arm: DiPino, Stowers

Around the Horn: Rey, Haggerty

Roadrunner: O’Connor, Taylor

Home run Derby: Morris, Kaplanges, Gast


Please see your team website for player contest assignments.


After the contest all teams will meet at field 5 for team pictures and the opening ceremonies.  All parents should proceed to the stadium.

All players should be in their CrabFest pants for the opening ceremonies.  All teams will wear the same color jerseys each day, please see the schedule below:
Wednesday - Navy
Thursday - Charcoal
Friday- White
Saturday - Navy
Sunday - Charcoal

(Please note that after the opening ceremony, players may wear any grey pant.)

MOT - After each game the coaching will select a Most Outstanding Teammate. Coach should text the player's name and a picture of that player to Coach O’Connor to post on social media.

Web presence

Instagram @crabfestbaseball
Twitter: @CrabFestGame
Official Disney Website:

Please make sure you have downloaded the SportsEngine app and followed your Disney team so you will be current. Only the Disney website and SportsEngine will have your official schedule. If for some reason there is conflicting information, follow the Disney website.

Each team will play a minimum of 4 games. All teams advancing to the final day will receive individual awards at the stadium following their final game.

Questions feel free to text one of the following coaches:

Coach O’connor 301-346-4035
Coach Kaplanges 443-255-1669
Coach DiPino 410-350-1600