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CrabFest Live with Jon Huizinga

By CrabFest Baseball, 09/15/18, 1:00AM EDT


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About Coach Zinger


I, Jon Huizinga, aka Coach Zing, believe in a holistic approach to baseball training.  For me, that means nutrition, mechanics/technique, approach, preparation, physical conditioning, mental conditioning, are all equally important for the athlete.  Nutrition for me is where it all starts.  Without the proper fuel it would be silly to think you will have peak performance.  The idea that you are only as strong as your weakest link.  For many guys I’ve coached and played with their weakest link is the food they fuel with.  This was true for me too until the pain from my elbow injury taught me otherwise.  There had to be a way I would keep telling myself.  Change can be a tough thing for many people especially when it comes to what they eat and consume.  For me it was tough too, but switching from meds and supplements to whole foods had a ripple effect on the other areas.  I recovered faster, was more mentally alert, and overall more positive as a human being.

Another weak link I see in many of the youth athletes is a lack of overall athleticism. Combine this with getting sport or position specific too early.  In my experience as a coach and player, the better conditioned the athlete, the better conditioned the athlete’s mind is and also they are better with pitch to pitch adjustments.  Training the athlete to move more efficiently and explosively will have a similar ripple effect that the food does as fuel.  Improve the athlete off the field with training and you will see the athlete perform better on the field.  Keep guys hitting and playing different positions.  This game takes many reps to develop players so get them reps all over the field so they understand the whole game and who goes where and when. Baseball IQ will go up and baseball awareness too.

Today’s players are assessed by the 5 tools; hitting power, hitting contact, speed, throwing arm, defense.  These are all measurables that we can impact with focused and detailed training.  To get the most out of your baseball career, you owe it to yourself to become the best athlete you can.

What else is possible for you and your baseball career!?